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Magnet Inc. - Volunteer to Make a Difference!
“I hosted four volunteer home parties for Magnet Inc. last year and saved a total of $100 off the total retail price for all of my purchases.  In addition to this I got some lovely gifts and received a award.“ Klarissa - Orlando, FL

“Magnet Inc. was excellent when I was in college.  A educational grant enabled me to pay tuition and pay off student loans on time.  What’s more, I enjoyed hosting the fund raising parties.”  Olaff - Chelmsford, MA
For years Ellen; North side of Chicago, IL
has donated her editing services to help
Magnet Inc.  When asked why she chose to help out and accept no pay, she said:
"Magnet Inc.'s projects help people in real ways, and I have been happy to edit copy for them free of charge."

Suggestion from member B.M.  Singleton  indicated our Marketing / Financial Plan does not pertain to individual members who don't own a business. Therefore, the plan is being updated to meet personal money management needs of  members  who don't own a business.  Forrest Park
“At first, I was skeptical about accepting
consultation services until I won a grant from Magnet Inc.  that helped my family. Friendly, smiling counselors expressed tenderness and gave us hope.”  Dana - Edmunds, WA
Magnet Inc. recently had flyers printed
at FedEx Office, and Justin - South side of Chicago, IL donated computer services at no charge.  He didn't state a reason, but I guess the reason was  because, as  one supporter said:  "I'm just supporting a worthy cause."
Magnet Inc. administrative staff recently expressed interest in joining a Chamber of Commerce.  It was a pleasant surprise that we'll get 50% off our membership fee due to our nonprofit status.  Thank you John in the Bronzeville area, Chicago, IL

Thanks to the expert advice of Melonie Boone of SCORE we will add a cover sheet and detailed instructions for filling out a Marketing / Financial Plan.  The changes enhance  its' appearance and efficiency.   We appreciate this and other excellent advice we received from SCORE Chicago. 
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