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 Fill out this form for questions, comments, and requests.  We value your feedback.  

Another form is on the bottom of this page to let us know you want to host or attend a home/online party. Choose one of each kind of free party snack.  Fill in your name, phone number, address, and comments, on the contact form below.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Party:
Party holders, request printed invitations 
to host a restaurant party. Host and guests 
bring food or drink to share. Everyone chip in to buy anything from the menu.  Click here!

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1st. free snack is cookies or donuts.
chocolate chip cookies
oreo cookies
tin of assorted cookies
oatmeal cookies
coconut cookies
fig newton
lorna dune
other cookies (send a description of the kind.)
plain donuts
chocolate donuts
powder sugar donuts
variety pack of donuts
other donuts (send a description of the kind.)
2nd. free snack is popcorn, nuts, chips, or pretzels.
bag of bitter popcorn
bag of yellow cheese popcorn
bag of white cheese popcorn
bag of kettle / caramel popcorn
Jar or bag of unpopped corn
dry roasted peanuts
mixed nuts
pistacio nuts
original flavor chips
original flavor chips with ridges
bar-b-q flavor chips
cheese flavor chips
other type chips (send a description of the kind.)
pretzels (send a description of the kind.)
3rd. free snack is a beverage; choose one.
2 lemonade & 2 punch Kool-Aid
individually wrapped tea bags
bottled water
herbal tea (send a description of the kind.)
two liter pop (send a description of the kind.)