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Magnet Inc. mission statement
The charitable services we provide are intended to relieve and reduce common neighborhood tensions, by overcoming community deterioration and poverty.

We offer support services, scholarships, and grants to entrepreneurs.  Networking matches members who need jobs with members who are hiring. This meets basic needs and will improve people's quality of life.

Don't Let Poor Strategy Undermine Your Success
We work with our members and they work together to utilize the resources that let them keep up with their vision! To stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to plan to not only keep pace with - but to enhance - the goals we've set. 

Our state-of-the-art self-help guides give individuals and families useful success strategies. The guides are designed to help people cover expenses and achieve optimum ongoing productivity and income through teamwork.  To see a variety of profitable business ventures that many people succeed at, read a list of our self-help guides and print a copy, here.
We present relevant information that pertains to entrepreneurship, and scholarships, financial planning, grants, and high work at home income.  Members can establish a business, strengthen their personal finances, and create strategic alliances.  Please join in as we enable you to acquire income to buy things you ordinarily could not afford. Membership presents a chance to pay off bills, and become more financially secure.

We want to give you a guide to successfully making high income working from your office, home, a free public use computer, wi-fi hot spot, or  any remote location.