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Three Product Set
This great product set will last a long time and meet ones' basic needs.  It has best selling items from three well known companies, Amway, Fuller Brish, and Stanley Home products.  The set consists of one item from each company and is shown on the right  side of this page.  

With each set of the products, you'll also get a Carson Pirie Scott coupon booklet because the purchase price includes the cost of one coupon booklet.

P R O D U C T   D E S C R I P T I O N S

Stanley Degreaser Concentrate
Our best seller dissolves grease. Four times more concentrated than leading cleaners. One 32 oz. bottle makes ninety-six 16 oz. pump spray bottles at less than 14 cents each or 64 gallons of grease-cutting solution. Use full strength on toughest jobs or dilute for lighter cleaning. 32 fl.oz.  $10.99

Fuller Stainless Steel Sponges
Over 600 feet of stainless steel in the palm of your hand! Our rust resistant sponge is actually over 8,000 inches of continuous stainless steel coiled 40,000 times for increased flexibility and cleaning power. Outlasts steel wool. Box of three.  $10.49

Amway SA-8 Laundry Detergent
Your clothes say a lot about you. Keep them looking fresh with SA8® Ultra-Concentrated Laundry Detergent, a superior detergent from the inside out. With newly designed, better-for-the-environment box packaging, cleaning your clothes is even better, naturally. Enjoy the same highly concentrated, exploding crystals that dissolve fast and rinse away completely in a new and improved box. Clean clothes never felt so good.  $12.50

Supporters who pick up their orders get 20% off plus a Community Day  Coupon Booklet included in the purchase price.

Get the product set as a thank you gift, or make a 100% tax deductible pledge HERE.

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