Magnet Inc. - Success
Magnet Inc. - Volunteer to Make a Difference!

"Quick 1K" Subscribers Make $50K to $100K!

1. Knowledge-$10,000 annually if a group gets 5 referrals each

3. Hard Work-$30,000 a year  add 5 who get 5 Referrals each
2.  Vision & Strategy-$20,000 a year if groups keep all Referrals

4. Timing&Creativity-$40,000 
year if new 25 keep all Referrals
5. Decision Making and Leadership-$50,000 - A member becomes a gift consultant when they work with their own 5 referees. Their  responsibility is to keep 5 referees active, answer questions, and present inviting social media posts to attract likes and comments.   

Members who stay subscribed and continue making referrals get  $100 per referral.  They can qualify for up to $100,000 per year, and will get all the details through our networking group here.