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Success Tour

Watch the Video:
Click on every title below to learn moe about each step.  Watch a Quick 1K explainer video here.

To take the Success Tour, click on the title for each step 1 to 5 below.  Also, click the 6th. link SUCCESS!

1.) Click the amount you want to Pledge / Give $33.00 or $5.00.
Your pledge entitles you to a bargain set of popular household products, Community Day coupon booklets, grants, and more. 

Members can build a peer to peer network and choose the Thank You gifts they want.  Pledges also entitle members who choose no Thank You Gift to get a 100% tax deduction equal to the pledge.

Another member benefit is the free party snacks and beverages Thank You Gift.  Parties help you network with family, friends, and the member who referred you.

Contact the member who referred you, and applying for their favorite bonuses.

Get an unlimited local and long distance calling package to avoid high phone bills, and contact us here when you have it. 

If you've taken the five steps, you can now chart your success.